Why Malaysia

    • Strategic Advantage
      Malaysia is central in the region which represents a regional market of over half a billion consumers, averaging a combined gross domestic product of $737 billion.

    • Seamless Business Environment
      Business-focused government leadership propels the country to provide for a smooth and conducive business environment, backed by appropriate focus on information security, minimal custom controls, attractive tax incentives, relaxed monetary exchange controls and attractive incentives for R&D.

    • Talented Workforce
      Malaysia’s well educated, multi ethnic workforce continues to grow as a knowledge and service based economy. This is coupled with a workforce which is productive and strong in work ethics.

    • Effective Resources & Skills
      Malaysia produces an annual output of over 135,000 graduates with Bachelor degrees; many with experience in CRM, F&A, IT and HR Services. Our workforce is readily-available and highly-skilled, thus proving to be cost-efficient with high levels of productivity.

    • World-class Infrastructure
      Malaysia’s cities are well-connected via land and air transportation services, in addition to High Speed Broadband (HSB) access and globally competitive telecom services, which are further enhanced by the latest fiber optics connection.

  • Islamic Financial Hub
    Malaysia is the global leader in Islamic Financial Services

The Malaysian Islamic financial sector is seen as one of the most progressive and attractive in the world given the numerous incentives planned and further liberation in the coming years (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Progressive Industry Developments include:-

  • • Pioneering many Global Islamic Banking and Finance initiatives
  • • Robust regulatory framework
  • • Shariah Framework
  • • A wide range of tax exemptions across the Islamic finance spectrum and many more